Looking Back: Fond memories of Lighthouse family

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Lovely to hear from Ted Greenwood, formerly of Heysham but now living in New Zealand.

Ted has been going through old photographs of the area and started Googling places of interest around Morecambe such as St Peter’s Church, the Golden Ball at Snatchems and Sunderland Point, but couldn’t find much about Cockersands Abbey at Cockerham, near Lancaster.

The abbey is close to Ted’s heart because he stayed at the nearby Plover Scar Lighthouse as a child. His auntie was the lighthouse keeper and his uncle was a salmon fisherman.

“They weren’t my blood aunt and uncle but all parents’ friends were called auntie and uncle back then,” he says.

“Their son Robert Parkinson is still alive; living at Thurnham.”

Ted muses on the fact that there are no more lighthouse keepers in the UK.

Plover Scar Lighthouse was built more than 150 years ago and still functions today.