Lightbulb still works after 130 years

Beth Crook and her 130 year old lightbulb
Beth Crook and her 130 year old lightbulb

How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

In this amazing case, none, as one Heysham woman’s bulb is still shining bright after 130 years.

Beth Crook, 79, admits the light, dating from 1883 and believed to be amongst the world’s oldest, is popular with visitors to her Woodlands Drive home.

She said: “We’ve known it was special for a long time. It’s absolutely beautiful.

“I don’t use it all the time anymore but it still works and it does come out from time to time because it’s a talking point.

“I don’t allow anyone to touch it though!”

The bulb was built with six internal filaments which have all stood the test of time.

It first belonged to the late Florence Crook who took it to school when she was ten to use in her crochet class. It then passed down to Beth’s late husband Kenneth and still works to this day.

Beth said: “There is no substitute for craftsmanship. The new eco bulbs take all week to warm up and hardly give off any light.”

The bulb was one of the earliest products of the Ediswan factory which started production back in 1881.

Ediswan was a collaboration between the British Physicist Sir Joseph Swan and American Thomas Edison, both of whom are independently credited with the invention of the light bulb.