Let's invest for rediscovered English seaside

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JUST about every 2009 tourism projection you read about this year makes the same point.

Holidaymakers in their thousands will be turning their backs on crowded airports and staying away from many European destinations, deciding instead to holiday at home this year.

The poor performance of the pound against the Euro – coupled with the economic hardships affecting just about every family – will persuade those who do take a break this year to do so in this country.

Which should be very good news indeed for a town like Morecambe.

With the publicity surrounding our designation as the 'Best Reinvented Resort' from Coast magazine, the Midland Hotel reopening and the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of our Eric statue, Morecambe should at least be in people's minds as a possible short-stay destination.

As you can read on page 10 those in charge of tourism locally are certainly expecting a busy summer.

But – with The Dome scheduled to close just before the season starts properly, festivals and other events under threat, the former Frontierland site still an unsightly mess and some public loos set to be boarded up – just what will they think of our resort?

A reinvigorated local tourism industry, capitalising on the 'rediscovery' of the English seaside, could help Morecambe buck the economic trend.

It could revitalise our shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants and help them battle through the currently depressed commercial situation.

Which is why attractions, events, venues and facilities should come at top of the list of things for our councillors and private backers to support.

It makes sense to invest a bit now in order to reap the rewards – which would help us all – in the future.