Les’s Patch - Hedge of holly is good security

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AS the sound of the mower is once again heard across the land, up go the cries of anguish at the theft of machines from garden sheds. There is unfortunately a shed breaking industry feeding the second-hand mower market.

Security advisers say we should keep our mowers in a garage wired with an alarm and not in an easily breached timber hut.

They also say that with the help of prickles we should make the entry to our gardens slow and difficult. The sharper the thorns the more efficient the hedge.

As you can’t surround your home with razor wire the next best thing is a hedge of holly. This is the most efficient weapon against an intruder.

The barbs on the old leaves that lie on the ground for years are fiercer than those on the green foliage.

See The Visitor (27-04-11) for full story.