Lawlessly Yours - Not easy to be PC

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NOBODY’S asked me, which is just as well because the answer would be distinctly politically incorrect and very likely peppered with various obscenities. But this PC cobblers is getting well out of hand, innit?

I read all about it and marvel. But last week it happened to me.

I was about to enter a deeply organic premises for some dramatically effective laxative (no, don’t worry, I’m not on the tofu).

There was a young lady close behind so I held the shop door open and with a gentlemanly gesture said “after you, love”.

Instead of a smile and a thank you, I got a venomous glare and heard her muttering something that sounded like “condescending sexist pig”.

I suppose she would have been gratified if I’d acted like one and jammed her in the dorway, booted her up the bum and stampeded all over her en route to the organic corned beef and mung beans shelf. Should have done.

Actually, it’s surprising that she didn’t do all of the above to me.

See The Visitor (20-12-11) for full story.