Lawlessly Yours: Common sense should prevail

Bill Lawless
Bill Lawless

Virtually everybody in the area was delighted when a high court judge threw out the appeal against the building of the Heysham to M6 link road.

I say ‘should’ because the campaigners are now considering yet another appeal.

I hope the heavy plant machinery moves in and gets cracking now before the nimbys and naysayers threw a new spanner in the works leading to even more delays.

I remain terrified that someone will dump a pocketful of natterjack toads, great crested newts and a few dragon-snot orchids on the route, throwing a spanner in the works on environmental grounds.

Prof John Whitelegg of Lancaster Green party is the latter day equivalent on Don Quixote, tilting at windmills (or wind farms) and generally fighting progress on many fronts.

In the last few years he appeared to have settled down after his enthusiasm for a body known as Transport 2000, which made a brief splash before sinking with all hands.

He told the Visitor: ‘The judgement is as full of holes as the original case for the bypass itself but there is still time for common sense to prevail.’

For once I agree with him. Common sense applies to the construction of the bypass. It is a crucial part of Morecambe’s economic revival and opponents of it should accept the fact that that it’s all going to happen.

Profound apologies for getting all political. I shall now tell you a story that should restore your faith in moi...

Once upon a time there was crusty old farmer who answered a knock on his door one night and saw a little snail standing there. ‘Could I trouble you for a small glass of water?’ said the snail.

Vexed at being called away from the telly, where he was lusting after some (well, all) of the ladies in Strictly Come Dancing, he picked up the snail and booted him hard and high down the bottom of his garden.

Six weeks later there was another knock on the door. It was the snail again.

It said to the farmer, ‘what the bleedin’ hell did you do that for, mate?’