Lancaster’s Minecraft madness

Minecraft Lancaster University
Minecraft Lancaster University
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Minecraft is the new craze.

The game about breaking and placing blocks took over the Management School at Lancaster University as part of a unique digital project.

Game lovers got the chance to get their hands on Minecraft to help the university become the first to be accurately recreated in the best-selling independent computer game.

More than 60m copies of Minecraft have been sold worldwide - so it’s no wonder pupils from Our Lady’s Catholic College jumped at the chance to get out of the classroom.

James Howard, 13, from Our Lady’s said: “Minecraft is almost like a computer version of Lego. It has got so much stuff to it, you can do anything on it.

“We were all quite excited to get out of school to play games. It’s not just about building, it’s about survival as well, there is lots to Minecraft.”

Minecraft’s application in the real world is unique, with history teachers using it to recreate ancient worlds, therapists harnessing it to improve literacy and numeracy skills in autistic children, and artists recreating famous artworks to explore in 3D.

Rob Ellis, from Lancaster University’s Innovation Hub, which is running the Minecraft campus build, said: “It is hugely important to engage young people at an early stage and to get them thinking about their future options – and that is what this Minecraft project is all about.”

More than 500 hours have been spent on the build so far. Buildings so far recreated include Alexandra Square, the hub of Lancaster’s campus, the Ruskin Library, and the Engineering building.