Lancaster residents join march in Leeds to demand final say on Brexit deal

A Lancaster pressure group joins thousands at The Great Northern March in Leeds last Saturday to demand final say on Brexit deal

Monday, 26th March 2018, 9:51 am
Updated Monday, 26th March 2018, 9:55 am
The Lancaster for Europe group joined the march in Leeds on March 24.

The Lancaster for Europe group helped bring Leeds city centre to a standstill on Saturday March 24, when thousands from similar groups attended The Great Northern March to demand a ‘Final Say’ on the Brexit deal.

The government’s own studies have shown that the north of England will bear the brunt of any economic downturn.

Recent polls show that opinion in the north is hardening against a Brexit at any cost and 54 per cent would choose to stay with the current deal.

A member of Lancaster For Europe, Jane Twyman, said: “At the end of the negotiations it could be a case of ‘accept a bad deal or crash out.’

“If we crash out it could hit our area six times as hard as the 2008 crash. Imagine what that will do to our already struggling local services and food prices?

“The government has admitted that even a good deal is going to hurt us. Once people know what the final deal is we need to be consulted, and given an option to stick with the current deal if it’s best for the country.

“At the moment our MP Cat Smith doesn’t support this but we hope she will take note that this is what the people want, whether they voted Leave or Remain.

“We voted to take back control, not to give government a blank cheque!”

Lancaster for Europe say campaign group memberships all over the country have increased recently as people are getting ever more frustrated with Brexit.

“This time last year ‘Leeds for Europe’ only had nine members and last Saturday they had organised a great march and rally,” Jane added. “Maybe we can match Yorkshire’s determination in the near future.”