Lancaster Priory Choir plea

Have you ever been a member of the Priory Choir?

Saturday, 7th May 2016, 7:00 am

If you have then you are eligible to join the association being set up for current and past choristers. The idea is to keep contact with the choir and what’s going on today but also to maintain contact, hear your story after leaving the choir and read of the experiences of others.

If you consider the amount of time spent with others singing services, learning and rehearsing pieces and taking part in events, people become close to each other both as colleagues and as friends.

The choir like to think of their group as a family, the association is free to join. The choir is not aiming to be a fund raising body but any donations to cover costs would be appreciated.

The group hope to produce an annual bulletin which will include pieces about past members, where they are now, if they still sing, what they enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) singing, when they were in the choir and articles about the choir.

Eventually, if the association grows, they plan to have a go at putting on different events and see if they can gather some past members together again. They would love to 
hear from anyone 
who qualifies.

If this is you, fill in the membership form available from the Priory website at or either send it to the Priory office or email it directly to [email protected] If you are not on the internet request one from the Priory office by post, LPCA, Parish Office, Priory Close, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ.

The association will be launched on May 15.