Lancaster pensioner terrified by masked raider

Lump hammer.
Lump hammer.

A MASKED raider wielding a lump hammer broke into a sheltered bungalow before dawn and threatened to kill an elderly woman unless she handed over £30 of housekeeping money.

Terrified pensioner Desna Charlesworth awoke to find the intruder hiding in her bedroom boiler cupboard while her husband was in the bathroom, oblivious to his wife’s ordeal.

Now the couple say the robbery has brought back horrific memories of a close friend’s murder by her husband a decade ago.

Mrs Charlesworth awoke at around 5am on Sunday to find a burglar – believed to be a teenage boy – climbing out of the window of her home at Morley Close, Lancaster. She had only opened the window two hours beforehand because she is diabetic and was having a hot flush.

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