Lancaster mums launch pregnancy fair

Toni Fraser Brennand and Nicola Garrett.
Toni Fraser Brennand and Nicola Garrett.
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Two Lancaster mums are hoping to create an information portal to help pregnant women across the district.

Nicola Garrett and Toni Fraser Brennand are on a mission to give women a clearer, easier route to gain information they need before and after birth.

As part of their project the mums will also run a pregnancy and birth fair next month which will feature guest speakers and demonstrations.

Nicola’s passion to work in the pregnancy field grew after experiencing many different forms of births with her seven children.

The pregnancy yoga teacher quickly discovered the lack of resources available for new mums-to-be.

She said: “We decided to start with the pregnancy fair as the start of a wider vision of creating a one-stop-shop for women seeking information and support in order to optimise their choices as they approach their birth.

“It is very confusing for new mums out there because there is so much information online you sort of don’t know where to start.

“There is nothing in Lancaster for pregnant women to go to, it is all online.”

Toni who runs ‘Soul Meditation’ -teaching meditation to pregnant women -is joining Nicola on their pregnancy venture.

The mum-of-one said: “There are so many women out there who are quite lonely after they have gone through a birth and are becoming new parents.

“The internet contains absolutely everything, what we are trying to get back to with the fair is having women thinking right what works best for me?

“That can be something like to a massage or therapy, rather than just looking at the pram and what the baby is wearing, so you are going back to mum.

“Calm mum, calm baby. It is really important to have that little bit of time for you.”

The fair will take place on Saturday October 17 between 11am-4pm at the University of Cumbria, Lancaster.

All are welcome at the fair and entry on the day is £2.50 and funds will be go to AIMS - Association for the Improvement of Maternity Services - a charity which has been advising and supporting pregnant women for more than 50 years. To find out more visit