Lancaster mum joins dads' protest at judge's country house

A Lancaster mum was among protesters who spent Mother's Day camped outside the country home of a high court judge.

Wednesday, 9th March 2016, 6:00 am

Lian Harris, 40, joined up with Stop the War on Das and New Fathers 4 Justice campaigners at the Wiltshire house of Sir James Munby, the head of the family courts.

The group, along with Lian’s daughter Mechaila, 21, held a protest outside his home following their assurance to Sir James that they would come to him during recent jurisdiction conference protests held in Liverpool last month.

This splinter group are persistent in seeking family law reform, so they took their grievance to the home of the man at the top of the family courts.

These group members took ladders with the intention of taking their protest to roof top level but the property had a thatched roof and so the group did not go through with the plan.

Within minutes of the activists arriving at his home a police armed response unti was called to attend by Sir James.

Police presence remained until it was clear that Sir James had slipped away quietly to his other home via a farm track to the rear of his property.

Lian said: “I have been in the hands of the corruption of the family court system yet they ignore me. I have suffered lies, deceit, fabricated hearsay and historic circumstantial evidence yet Sir James Munby won’t even talk to us.”

A group spokesman said: “The group remains disappointed that Sir James will not meet with or discuss our views regarding the corruption and bias in the family court that is detrimental to all those, especially children, who pass through the courts, which often results in one parent being cut off completely from their own children, predominantly the father.”

The group said they will continue to persue Sir James and plan to visit several other prominent professionals during what they call “The year for change by direct action.”