Lancaster district awaiting EU referendum result

Voting has now closed in the EU referendum and the counting of ballot papers has begun in earnest at Lancaster's Ashton Hall.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 9:39 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 11:43 pm
Lancaster Town Hall.

With 100,554 people across the district registered to vote at 105 polling stations, our final result is due to be declared between 3.30am and 4am and will be announced on the Lancaster Guardian and Visitor websites immediately.

Any reaction throughout the night from the count will also appear on our websites.

The local result will be announced by counting officer Mark Cullinan once it has been reported to the regional counting centre in Manchester.

Lancaster's result is seen as being of wider importance after being declared a 'bellwether' region by a leading researcher, meaning how the district votes is likely to reflect the national result.