'˜Lancaster Canal is being neglected'

Lancaster Canal is being spoilt and neglected due to overgrowing weeds and flower beds, claim users.

Thursday, 12th January 2017, 1:00 pm
Part of Lancaster Canal were weeds and bushes have overgrown.

Canal enthusiasts have spoken of their anger as they claim the city’s scenic route is being spoilt by unwanted wildlife.

Frank Sanderson has said the overgrowth is becoming dangerous and needs putting under control.

“The canals are long wildlife nature corridors threading through the towns, cites and countryside and should be preserved and treasured,” said the 89-year-old.

“On the Lancaster canal, we have vast ribbon lengths of tall weed beds, health and safety hot spots, a danger to overturned small boats, replacing what used to be grassy windflower havens.

“What was once a pleasant walk, is being ruined.”

Mr Sanderson, a regular user of Lancaster Canal, said the Canal & River Trust needs to do more to prevent overgrowth, particularly near the Cinderbarrow area, near Carnforth and south of Crooklands.

Steve Bergquist, operations manager at the Canal & River Trust said: “We’re sorry some of the local community feel like the trust isn’t looking after the canal enough.

“This particular section is on the Northern Reaches of the Lancaster Canal which is non-navigable to boats in sections. The trust cuts the grass and vegetation around the towpath several times a year and once a year we give the whole area including the vegetation in the canal, a good cut.

“As this part of the canal is a more rural area, we do leave a larger amount of vegetation in parts to enhance the flora and fauna. Our contractors are on site at present to give the canal a good cut.”

As a charity the trust welcomes any help from the community who would like to get involved in caring for their canal. Please visit https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/volunteer to become a volunteer.