Lancaster and Morecambe district pupils celebrate GCSE results

Lancaster Girls' Grammar School pupils celebrate their GCSE results.
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School pupils celebrate their GCSE results.
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Year 11 pupils across the district have been collecting their their GCSE results this morning – and we will bring you all the latest reaction as we get it.

This is the first year that pupils have been graded from 9 to 1 in English and Maths at GCSE level – by 2020, all GCSE subjects will be graded from 9 to 1.

Some of the top achievers with their GCSE results at LRGS.

Some of the top achievers with their GCSE results at LRGS.

Students at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School are celebrating ‘excellent results’.

LGGS head Jackie Cahalin said: “Many congratulations to our GCSE students for their excellent results.

“This year is the first year of the new grades in mathematics and English. 78% of grades were at grade 7 and above (equivalent to grade A and above.) A quarter of the year group achieved the new grade 9 in Mathematics which represents the very highest achievement. Grades in other subjects were also exceptional with 82% of grades at A* and A.

“As a year group they worked exceptionally hard and showed great commitment to their studies. Their successes are very well deserved. Thank you to the LGGS staff for everything they did to ensure such fantastic results and also to the students’ families for all their support and encouragement.

Pupils at Our Lady's Catholic College celebrate their GCSEs.

Pupils at Our Lady's Catholic College celebrate their GCSEs.

“Most students sat 10 GCSEs with some also sitting a GCSE additional maths qualification.

“A special mention to the following students for their exceptional results. Gaining A* grades or grade 8 and above in 11 GCSEs are Lucy Creed, Lauren McHugh, Ella Tasker and Arundhati Wuppalapapti.

“Congratulations also to Mariela Angelova, Imogen Carter, Callie Dodd, Polly Haythornthwaite, Millie Jones, Lucy Lupton, Grace Pollard, Supriya Pottamsetty, Emily Shackleton, Eleanor Ward, Maddie Whittaker and Holly Wilson who gained 10 GCSEs at A* or grade 8 and above.”

Lancaster Royal Grammar School students are celebrating their outstanding GCSE results.

Carnforth High pupils celebrate their GCSE results.

Carnforth High pupils celebrate their GCSE results.

More than two-thirds of all results (68%) were graded A or A*, or the new equivalents, and almost 40% of all results (39.7%) were graded A*, 8 or 9.

Ten students achieved A*, 8 or 9 grades in ten or more GCSE subjects: well done to Callum Bell, Chris White, Matthew Jackson, Lachlan Rurlander, Martin Kwok, Daniel Gibson, Paul Gellerson, Jaidan Reeder, Lewis Gillin and Joshua Fowler.

More than 100 of the 152 day and boarding students achieved A or A* grades in at least half of their subjects.

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said: “Congratulations to our Year 11 students on these fantastic results which they have worked so hard for. We know that GCSEs are getting harder, and I am delighted to see how they have risen to the challenge! I am very grateful to all our staff as well.”

Head girl Bethany Dennison celebrates her GCSE results at Carnforth High.

Head girl Bethany Dennison celebrates her GCSE results at Carnforth High.

“Well done to every single one of our students. Some of them have been through difficult times on the way to these results, and they all should be hugely proud of their achievements.”

Our Lady’s Catholic College head Helen Seddon said: “We congratulate our students on their GCSE results which are testament to the hard work they have put in over their time at Our Lady’s and the dedication of their teachers and support staff.

“They have successfully taken on the stretching new English and Maths 9-1 GCSE qualifications and we are delighted that a number of our students have achieved the new gold star of grade 9 which is even harder to reach than the A*. We have seen a 100% pass rate in Maths with every one of our students achieving the new 9-1 qualification.

“In the last year of traditional GCSE A*-C grades, before we see almost all subjects move to 9-1 in 2018, we are pleased to see another rise in our overall A*-C pass rate which is a fitting farewell to the established grading system.

“The vast majority of our students are now able to successfully embark on the next stage of their education or training and we congratulate them on doing so well after their five years of hard work.

“We are particularly proud of Ellie Auty, Luke Bailey, Brandon Orriss, Selen Bekir, Klaudia Bilicz, Gemma Halliwell-Redvers, Patrycja Jochem, Jessica Skyrme and Andrew Deguzman who have all achieved outstanding results.”

Dallam pupils Douglas Phillips from Heysham, Lucy Jones from Crosthwaite and Phoebe Doran from Lancaster.

Dallam pupils Douglas Phillips from Heysham, Lucy Jones from Crosthwaite and Phoebe Doran from Lancaster.

Ripley principal Liz Nicholls said: “This has been a particularly challenging year for both pupils and staff with the introduction of new and more demanding GCSEs in English and mathematics.

“We are delighted with our results in these two key subjects and particularly pleased that 11% of students have achieved the top two grades (8 and 9) in mathematics.

“Well done to all our young people who have worked so hard and achieved the grades they need for the next step in their lives.

“Special congratulations to Joshua Routh, Emily Waters, Sarah Didsbury, Lauren Tompkins, Katie Tompkins and Ella Parry who achieved an impressive set of A *, A and 8 and 9 grades across the board.”

Hardworking students at Central Lancaster High School are celebrating well deserved successes in their GCSEs this year.

The new style GCSEs which pupils have taken this year are more challenging, they have sat more and longer exam papers than ever before and our students have coped well with the additional pressure brought to them by the changes in the GCSE system.

A spokesman said: “We have seen tremendous results in particular from Ben Elderton, Uzair Essa, Stefan Sarchadzhiev, Callum Bain, and Daria Wiezik who achieved multiple A and A* grades across their subjects we also have more students exceeding their progress expectations.

“This year more pupils in English have achieved Grade 4s (equivalent to a C) than last year and in mathematics pupils have achieved improved levels of progress. We have seen improved results in geography, history, PE, additional science and textiles this year which is pleasing.

“Our vocational curriculum subjects enjoyed excellent results with Business Studies achieving the best results they have ever had.

“Significant improvements have been seen in GCSE PE grades across the year group and overall excellent performances have been seen in ICT, dance, music, hairdressing and motor vehicle studies.

“At Central Lancaster we are continually reviewing our curriculum offer to enable our students to access the highest quality qualifications which enable them to progress well to the next stages of their education or to start their careers.

“We are continuing the developments of high quality vocational subjects with the introduction of new Technology subjects from September 2017 to ensure that our pupils have access to the widest range of choices and opportunities available.

This year we are delighted that Lancaster and Morecambe College joined us when students collected their results to ensure that all students can access additional advice and guidance regarding their destinations for September 2017.

“We are very keen to provide all of our leaving students with continual access to the best possible support and guidance regarding their next steps, staff at school remain on hand for them to discuss the wide range of Sixth Form, College and Apprenticeship options available to them.

“We are delighted that our students are accessing excellent, high quality post 16 provision across Lancaster and neighbouring schools and colleges for their futures.

“We would like to thank our leaving students for the energy and character they have brought to our school over the past five years and their parents for their continued support.”

Matt Auger, headteacher at Morecambe High, said: “It has again been wonderful to be able to celebrate with our 2017 cohort the many successes that they have had in their examinations this year.

“In a year of potential uncertainty, with the new GCSE Maths and English qualifications, it has been a pleasure to see so many of our staff celebrating with the students that they taught.

“A particular mention needs to go to one of our students who achieved three grade 9 results in their maths, English language and English literature.

“Press reports are telling us that there were only 2,000 students who achieved this nationally. We would like to wish all our those students who are leaving us every success in the future.”

Heysham High School students pulled out all the stops this year and were rewarded with results which showed a 5% increase on 2016 figures.

It was particularly pleasing that in a year when new, tougher syllabuses have been introduced in English and maths, and predictions were that very few students would attain the highest level (Grade 9), Heysham High students, some of whom are pictured, managed to gain top grades in both English Literature and mathematics.

Headteacher John Shannon said: “Results like these do not happen by accident; they are the result of hard work and dedication shown by the students and also the staff. I am delighted that the work put in has paid off, particularly for those students attaining the peak of the new grading system. We look forward to building on these successes in the next academic year.”

The results this year mark the best year yet for students at Carnforth High School following an excellent Ofsted report earlier this year.

Academically, students have excelled themselves with students attaining the new highest grades in English and English Literature: 73% of students achieved a pass in English and 71% in Mathematics.

Celebrating their impressive achievements are head girl Bethany Dennison, who achieved A new Grade 9,8, two A*s, four As and a 6; Lucy Rudd, who achieved two grade 9s, two A*s, a 7 and four As, Sacha Griffiths, who achieved two grade 8s, four A*s, a Distinction *, two As a 5 and a 4, and Olivier Jumeau, who achieved two grade 8s, an A*, Distinction *, an A, a 6 and a 4.

“I never expected this!” said Bethany Dennison.

Head Victoria Michael said: “We are also incredibly proud of the students who have made the most progress during their time at Carnforth High School across all their subjects.

“On average, these students have performed over two grades beyond their targets set from their primary school achievement: Sascha Griffiths, Ellie Wishart, who achieved two A*s, an 8, A, Distinction, two Bs and a 6; Jodie Hamilton, who achieved A*, an 8, two As, 2As, a Distinction, 2Bs and a 5; Lewis Fleet, who achieved a grade 5, four grade Cs, two 4s, a Distinction and two Merits, and Rebecca Tordoff, who achieved two As, two Bs, a 5, two 4s, aC, a Distinction and a Merit.

“The excellent results this year are a testament to the hard work of staff, students- and their parents as they have pulled together to make this the best year yet at Carnforth.

“The new reformed GCSEs have meant more challenging content for the students, and uncertainty about grade boundaries across the course of the last two years. However, we have met the challenges and the overall English Headline figure has increased by over 14%.

“Other impressive subject results achieving very High pass rates at A*-C are: Art, 96%, with 38% A/A*, Biology 97%, with 30% A/A* Chemistry 93% with 30% A/A*, French 91%, 50% A/A*, Media 93%, Polish 100% A/A*, Spanish 100%, Religious Education 88%, IT 75% and Geography 73%.

“As a comprehensive school, we also offer quality vocational qualifications. These too have been reformed and made more challenging, with students sitting examinations and coursework.

“These too have performed extremely well with pass rates of 100% for Building and construction and Music and 96% for Business Studies and 83% for Health and social care.

“We are also especially proud of the performance of our different groups of students: overall, the students for whom the pupil premium applies have performed 30% better than in 2016, and the students who are looked after, and those with Special Educational Needs have beaten all their target grades.

“I am delighted by the performance of the school this year, and would like to personally thank everyone who has worked so hard to make sure that all the students at Carnforth achieve their potential.”

Students from Garstang Community Academy have achieved yet another fabulous set of exam results, with 69% of GCA students exceeding or gaining the 5 pass grades or better including both English and maths measure, and 20% gaining a maths/English new grade 7 or better.

There are many standout individual performances, with a large number of students, including head boy James Parker, Chris Saunders, Liliana Andrews, William Brown, Zak Clifton, Josh Gilmore, Josh Kelsall, Cerys Mawby, Holly Myers, Joseph Nayler and Jack Smith, gaining A/A* or the new 9/8/7 grade in every or almost every subject. James, Liliana, William, Josh Kelsall and Eleanor Parkinson gained the new English/Maths grade 9, awarded only to the top 3% of students nationally for ‘exceptional performance’, with James achieving it in both.

Principal Alasdair Ashcroft is really pleased with his students’ success.

He said: “Against a backdrop of national uncertainty and a general ‘toughening up’ of exam grades, I am incredibly proud of my students’ fabulous GCSE results, which are a reflection of the resilience and hard work of everyone at GCA. I wish all of our wonderful students all the very best as they move on, with the grades they need, to the next exciting phase of their lives.”

Dallam students have celebrated another very good year of GCSE results.

Headteacher William Bancroft said: “Despite the volatility in the system created by the move to new courses and the change of grading in English and Maths to a 9 to 1 scale our students have done very well indeed.

“Students and staff have worked hard to find their way through new examinations with no past papers and very little information about where grade boundaries will fall.

“It is to their credit that this year’s results continue Dallam’s successful trend. Our congratulations go to all the students, we are very proud of their achievements.”

Exceptional outcomes have been achieved by Zac Brough, Vianne Chan, Freya Cook, Reuben Copley, Emma Dellerba, Phoebe Doran, Megan Gardner, Joshua Gibson, Merlyn Gilldaley, Rhianna Handley, Sarah Hodgson, Lucy Jones, Alex Livingstone, Matthew Monteith, George Perry, Douglas Phillips, George Purcell, Natalie Thompson, Emily Tyson, Minnie Willard and Emily Young.

At Saint Aidan’s Church of England High School in Preesall, students rose to challenge this year with excellent results in spite the new exams.

77% of students, a new school record, achieved at least Grade 4 (equivalent to a Grade C pass) in both English and maths.

Records were also broken in science and RE, where an amazing 54 students achieved A or A* grades.

Head boy Harvey Barry-Hudson got the new super high grade 9 in both English and Maths, and the girls did really well too, with Erin Brown, Lucy Silvester, Molly Southern and Kirsten Twigg all getting 10 A*-A grades or their new exam equivalents.

Headteacher Andy Smith is proud of the achievements of all of the school’s students who have worked hard with their teachers to do so well, especially when grades in the country as a whole have gone down slightly.

Following on from the school’s impressive A-level results last week, pupils at Giggleswick are celebrating further GCSE success this week, including an incredible haul of top grades across the sciences with more than 90% of candidates in physics and 80% in biology and chemistry achieving A*/A grades. Three girls were awarded straight A*s across all three sciences.

Overall GCSE results also remained strong for the school and its pupils with 92% achieving A*-C grades, showing an increase on 2016 results, and over 40% achieving A*A grades which compares with a national average of 21%. As a non-selective school that accepts students with a wide range of ability these are impressive results.

Headmaster Mark Turnbull said: “This is a great day for our scientists and we are delighted for them. These results reflect the hard work of our pupils and the inspirational work of our teaching staff in the department who take their subject way beyond the classroom, connecting with industry and the real world of science, university trips, visiting professors, science and astronomy clubs.

“They are also launching a new observatory at the school later this year. We have a strong track record of pupils going on to study science at university, including yet another pupil off to Oxford this year to study Physics.

“But it’s not just about exam success at Giggleswick. We place just as much importance on personal development outside the classroom and it’s great to see pupils finding the time to achieve real success in their passions of music and running alongside their studies.”

* Keep checking back throughout the day to find out the latest in our GCSE results day round-up.

Good luck to everyone collecting their results today!