Kids to choose what’s best in the West End

Stanley's Youth and Community Centre.
Stanley's Youth and Community Centre.
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Young people are being asked to pick their favourite places in the West End of Morecambe.

They will assess venues and organisations across the West End in terms of how enjoyable they are to visit and how comfortable they feel there.

The places will then be awarded a young person’s ‘charter mark’.

This is similar to those used for food hygiene ratings but scored using a YoYo symbol reflecting the YoYo group who meet at Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre.

The scheme will is backed by West End Million, the group in charge of spending £1m from the National Lottery to improve the area.

Robyn Thomas of Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre said: “We want to advertise what a great place the West End of Morecambe is for the young and to promote the availability of sessions for them.”

A website and app is also in the pipeline to keep young people fully informed of everything available to them in the West End.

Young people aged 12-18 will take part in the scheme at Stanley’s Youth & Community Centre. Anyone interested should contact Stanley’s on 01524 410076.

West End Million was formed after the West End of Morecambe was awarded £1m of National Lottery money from the Big Local project in 2012 to invest in improvements to the area over 10 years. Local people will decide where the money is spent.

Young people are one of the key priorities for West End Million and doing more for them was one of the most popular suggestions to result from a community consultation.