Keeping your crowning glory

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ONE thing a woman will always worry about is her hair.

We see so many women who want to know whether there is anything they can do to improve their hair and those who are worried because their hair appears to be falling out.

The good news is that there are a number of things that can be done.

If your hair is weak and brittle, breaks easily and does not grow very well, then try some Silecea.

Silecea contains a really good dose of the mineral silica which is needed for strength and growth in hair and nails.

We have had many good reports from this product including one girl who started taking it after she had noticed that her hair had lost its shine and strength.

She told us that after three months her hair was looking really healthy again and was growing really well.

If your hair is thinning, with your ponytail getting smaller and your brush getting fuller, then the one to try is Florisene.

This was developed specifically for women who are suffering with thinning hair. It contains vital hair nutrients including iron, B12 and lysine.

It is based on the idea that many women do not eat a lot of red meat which results in their iron stores being low.

Low iron stores in turn can lead to inactive hair follicles which leads to falling hair and often low energy.

I used the Florisene myself last year; my hairbrush seemed to be full of hair and the amount that came out in my hands when I washed it was, to be frank, frightening.

Around this time the company representative that sells Florisene came to see me and was telling me about the product.

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