John has the recipe for success

John Noon with Gordon Ramsay.
John Noon with Gordon Ramsay.

THEY say experience leads to confidence, and John Noon lacks in neither.

“If I can’t make this place work, then no-one can.”

A bold statement, especially as John’s new venture Upstairs Downstairs has been a failing business for the past four years, changing hands on several occasions.

But while sitting in his four-bedroomed flat above the west promenade pub, ambitious John outlines plans which he says will be a recipe for success.

The former chef to the stars intends to transform Upstairs Downstairs into a fantastic new place to eat out and drink in Morecambe.

His “ingredients” include an initial £100,000 investment in the former Upstairs Downstairs: made up of a brand new kitchen, a high quality carvery and tapas menu, 20-25 new jobs for the area and even a change of name.

Now known as The Boardwalk, John’s new traditional family pub will open its doors next month.

And the highly-acclaimed chef promises a warm welcome for his customers.

“I’m a firm believer that if you look after people and serve them right, they will keep on coming back.”

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