Jenny Logan

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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We get a lot of people coming into the shop asking for something to help with their energy.

There are actually a lot of different options, including the Recharge and Q10 we have written about for the last couple of weeks.

There are two main problems with sleep – getting to sleep or problems with staying asleep

However one of the most important and helpful things that you can do to boost your energy is to ensure that you are having a good night’s sleep.

If you are not sleeping properly, your brain cannot properly process all of the stress from the day, meaning that you wake still feeling stressed, anxious or down. Sleep is also your body’s chance to repair and recharge.

Without it we start to feel more and more tired and run down. Therefore looking at natural ways to ensure a full night’s rest is vital if you want to feel good and if you want to deal properly with stresses and anxieties.

There are two main problems with sleep – getting to sleep or problems with staying asleep.

If you struggle to get to sleep then do try some relaxing breathing exercises when you get to bed. Breathing deeply into your tummy and breathing out slowly, relaxing all your muscles with each out breath.

Additionally, if you struggle to get off because of a busy mind then a good thing to try would be the amino acid Theanine.

Theanine is said to help improve the production of your brain’s alpha waves.

These are your chilled out, meditative brain waves, which should help to reduce the amount of ‘chatter’ running around in your brain.

If you struggle to relax properly at bedtime, then Natures Aid SleepEezy could be helpful for you. This is made with the herb Valerian, which has been used for years to help with relaxation and sleep.

If you get off to sleep okay, but wake through the night, then a good product to try is Vogels Dormeasan. This is a combination of relaxing valerian and sedative hops, the idea being that taking this combination before you go to bed should help to get you into a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

This in turn should help you to stay asleep for longer and to feel more refreshed when you do wake up. As Dormeasan is a liquid it can also be taken if you do wake up during the night, in order to help you get back off to sleep.

My husband uses this product. He is prone to waking up at two o’clock in the morning and has struggled to get back off to sleep. Now if he wakes up at that time he takes a dose of Dormeasan.