It’s WIRED and wonderful

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A postman with a passion for the arts will show off some photographic memories of his labour of love next month.

Morecambe postie Richard Davis began hosting the WIRED IN arts nights in Lancaster and Morecambe three years ago.

Since then Richard has promoted 18 WIRED IN events attended by a who’s who of the region’s arts scene, including punk musician and music pundit John Robb and top Morecambe band The Heartbreaks.

Richard captured these moments on camera and has now put together an exhibition to be shown in the Dukes Gallery in Lancaster.

“The idea was to put together an event which mixed up various art forms such as music, dance, spoken word and comedy which would then be performed in front of a projected light source, of either film or photography,” explained Richard.

“Collaborations were encouraged and artists positively encouraged to try something different and to experiment away from what they would normally do.

“All of this made WIRED IN different to other events in the area & enabled it to get well attended audiences.

“The plan was to make each event different to the last which gave it an unpredictable edge and meant we didn’t end up repeating ourselves, usually anything went!”

Other acts to feature in WIRED IN - a Photographic Retrospective include the Lovely Eggs, Mike Garry, Girl Peculiar, Kilcawley Family, Molly Warburton, Ruthless Rap Assassins, Jack Bee, Stephen Hudson, Ludus Dance, Nancy Kent, Maja Bugge, Miss P, Rat Bit Kit, Sarah Hymas, Steve Lewis, Joe McCorriston, Katy Pickles and Liar Liar.

Richard will launch his exhibition this Monday night (June 3) at the Dukes. The event is free, starts at 7pm and will include live performances. Richard was also behind the ‘Under Morecambe Skies’ exhibition at the Dukes in 2011, which included beautiful shots of Morecambe taken while out on his round.

His new exhibition runs until June 30.