It’s thyme for that winter bug remedy

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WELL, I did have all my articles for the new year planned out, and this week I was going to tell you all about your thyroids.

But that will have to wait until next week as I felt that I should write about some of the ways to ward off, or aid recovery from, the horrible bugs which are flying around at the moment.

Firstly, there is an awful cough and cold doing the rounds.

It seems to be leaving people feeling washed out and tired as well as causing a terrible chesty cough.

For the cough we have been having some tremendous results with Vogel’s Ivy Thyme Complex.

This helps to reduce coughing spasms, stopping the cough going on and on until you pull a muscle.

It also helps to break up and clear mucus off the chest – getting rid of the reason for the cough.

One lady who called said she had used antibiotics but had still been coughing badly for three weeks.

After three days on the Ivy Thyme Complex she was clearly impressed as she sent two other people in to purchase it for their coughs.

For people wanting to ward off this sort of ailment you can’t beat Nature’s Aids Immune Support Plus, in my opinion.

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