Isn’t this car park for shoppers?

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The new car park in the West End is causing controversy just weeks after opening.

A resident has hit out at traders who are using the new Parliament Street car park when it was meant for shoppers.

But a spokesman for West End shopkeepers said the car park can be used by anybody.

The free 19-space car park near Regent Road was created after shopkeepers complained there were not enough parking spaces to entice shoppers into the West End.

Resident Gill Taylor said: “Traders are using it as their own private car park. Perhaps (the West End Traders) should send out information explaining that these spaces are for shoppers and nothing else.”

Clive Fishwick, chair of the West End Community and Traders Group, said: “It’s a public car park. I won’t be encouraging traders to use it because I want it to be for shoppers. But traders have to park somewhere.”

A Lancaster City Council spokesman said signs would be going up to inform motorists of a three-hour restriction on parking. He confirmed the car park could be used by anyone.

Mark from Pegasus Pets said: “It is convenient for us to park and return after doing the many deliveries we carry out during the day. Once restrictions are in place, we will go back to parking in the only other non-restricted areas.”