Is this the worst road in Morecambe?

The surface of Thonock Road, Westgate, is riddled with potholes.
The surface of Thonock Road, Westgate, is riddled with potholes.
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“Roads in Beirut are better” says a fed-up resident of Thonock Road on Westgate who is sick of the state of the pothole-riddled street.

The man, who has lived on the street for three years, said: “I’ve seen better roads in Beirut. It has deteriorated in that period, it has just been left.

“When you hit those bumps you know about it. I reported the potholes two months ago and a month ago to Lancashire County Council and I never got a response.

“At the end of the day it should not be like that. It needs levelling and resurfacing completely. Its disgusting.

“People have to swerve to avoid the potholes and why should they have to pay for tracking because the council doesn’t do the road up?

“They just come and throw tarmacadam in and flatten it down to make it firm. People are fed up with it. It will take someone to fall or trip on one of the potholes for them to sit up and take notice.”

David Morris MP: ‘One of the largest mailbags I receive on council matters is regarding the state of our roads locally, you only have to drive through the constituency for a short distance to come across a piece of road which is in serious need of repair.

“I would urge Lancashire County Council to tap into the millions of pounds which have been set aside for potholes to make much needed repairs in the area. The money is there from Government waiting to be spent.”County Councillor John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said:”There is no money just sitting there waiting to be spent. In previous years the government has given us money for potholes, but this year we are being offered £1m.

“All across the board we are getting money cut for highway maintenance. We haven’t changed the way we fix roads but unless we have the funds to pay for surfacing and staff we can only do what we can do. The bad weather has really stretched our services.”

Dan Chalmers, Highways Manager from Lancashire County Council said: “This section of Thonock Road has deteriorated heavily over the winter, due to the weather.

“We are aware of this road and will be considered as a priority in our programme for 2017/18.

“We’ll inspect this location immediately and carry out some repair work straight away, on any sections that meet our level for intervention.

“The bad weather over the winter has caused many problems and we’re working hard to repair the county’s roads as soon as we can.”

Between January and Februarythere were 5000 potholes reported to Lancashire County Council compared to 3000 the two months before.