Inquest: Morecambe joiner was loved by whole family

Stevie Wiles.
Stevie Wiles.
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A Morecambe family have spoken of their “pure love” for their popular son who passed away at the age of 33.

Joiner Anthony Steven Wiles, known to family and friends as Stevie, was found dead by a friend at his home in Morecambe.

Speaking after an inquest at Lancaster Magistrates Court, parents Tony and Julie Wiles said: “He was just loved by the whole family.

“His previous customers attended his send off and one of his friends flew all the way from Australia to pay their respects.

“Thank you to everybody for their care and understanding, we will miss our son.”

The court heard that Stevie was on a night out with friends in Blackpool before they headed back to Lancaster on Saturday August 1.

Friend Marcus Bulger said: “I know he was stressed about a few things, about his ex-girlfriend, the relationship had broken up.

“He seemed better really this time though.

“He was saying he was having the best time in his life, it was just Stevie, happy, bubbly and then of course he got into Lancaster. That was the last time I heard from him on the Saturday.”

Marcus and another friend went round to Stevie’s the following morning where they found him dead.

Sister Louisa Marshall also told the coroner her relationship with Stevie was close, one of which they did “everything together.”

Mrs Marshall said: “We were just going to bed and he rang and asked me if he could come round. I was the last person to see him.

“He was planning things then, to do things with myself and my husband over the next few weeks and we thought he was all right.”

Det Insp. Phil Jones was called to the scene after Stevie’s body was found.

DI Jones told the inquest that a mobile phone, half an empty can of lager and a piece of paper were found next to his body.

Stevie had sent and received texts in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The last text was sent at 3.30am.

Coroner Sian Jones apologised to the family during the inquest and said Stevie was obviously a “well-loved man” who had a lot of support from his family and friends.

Ms Jones said: “Stevie must have known he had a family who supported him.

“He was someone who had good friends and had no difficultly making friends, nonetheless he had experienced some upset in his personal life.

“I am sure taking steps that he did, in that moment of time, Stevie had intended to take his own life.

“The cause of death was hanging and I will record a verdict of suicide.”