Hunt for £200 cash key

Photo Neil Cross Lauren Zawadzki,project worker for the 'West End Million'
Photo Neil Cross Lauren Zawadzki,project worker for the 'West End Million'

A £200 cash prize is housed in an ‘ancient box’ somewhere in the West End.

Residents are being challenged to find the key that opens the box and whoever does so, can keep the cash.

Participants in the West End Million Treasure Hunt have been asked to look for clues around the community which lead to the whereabouts of the key.

The competition launches on April 17 and has been organised by the West End Million, a project which seeks to ensure £1m in Big Lottery cash is spent wisely to improve the area.

The funding was awarded to the West End in 2013 to invest over a 10-year period.

The Treasure Hunt is described as “an Indiana Jones-style romp” and is the brainchild of a mystery 48-year-old factory worker who lives in the West End, but wishes to be known only as ‘The Designer’.

Simon Das, chairman of the West End Million, said: “The event is designed to help publicise the West End Million and to help promote local traders who will be responsible for handing out the first clue.

“We are currently in the process of putting together a 10 year plan for the money. One of our main objectives is to get as many members of the community as possible involved in writing the plan.”

Entry is free and there will be prizes for two runners up.

To get the first clue, look out for announcements in The Visitor or go to participating shops in the West End on launch day.