How to prevent pest attacks

I AM going to continue on the subject of diseases which affect vegetables as much can be done to prevent attacks if the plants are grown sturdily and given the right attention.

For instance the keeping down of weeds, which act as alternative hosts; most importantly the land should be drained properly; the plants should be given plenty of room to grow; and lime should be applied regularly to prevent the soil from becoming acid.

One thing you should make sure of is getting the manure right because many diseases are worst on plants grown soft. In such cases an application of artificial manure, like sulphate of potash, will do much to harden and tone up the plants.

The sowing of seeds and planting out should always be done at the right time. Early sowings may be damaged by weather conditions and late sowings attacked by pests.

Protection should be given when needed.

It is also important to see that vegetable refuse is rotted down properly and any material like cabbage stumps, which do not rot easily, should be destroyed by fire.

As soon as any leaves turn yellow remove them as they may be a potential home of a fungus disease.

See The Visitor (20-04-11) for full story.