How to avoid growing pains

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BLUEBERRY bushes are becoming very popular to grow because of the fruit’s health properties. Many are grown in pots and the thinking that they should be moved inside for the winter is a definite no.

Blueberry plants are adapted for cold, damp, inhospitable climates. If you bring the plants inside during the winter you harm their chances of producing fruit later.

To enable the plants to set fruit successfully, a blueberry bush needs at least 1,000 hours of temperature below 7C (45F). So leave them out, don’t mollycoddle them.

Re-potting is only necessary when the plants become really pot bound.

You can grow blueberries happily in open ground of course but they need a very acid soil (a pH between four and five point five). If your garden soil grows rhododendrons and azaleas happily it will probably suit blueberries.

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