How the town council spent your money

MORECAMBE Town Council has released details of how it spent taxpayers’ money between December 1 2011 and January 3 2012.

The council’s biggest expenditure in December was a quarterly payment of £16,902 to fund Police Community Support Officers on the streets of Morecambe, followed by £15,000 towards the Morecambe Seaside Festival.

The council also spent £637.50 on quarterly rent for its office at Morecambe Town Hall, paid £432.16 to Lancaster City Council in room hire costs for meetings, spent £2,441.13 on the Poulton Christmas tree (including lights, electrical work and preparatory work), paid out a £246 grant for Morecambe Junior Anglers and £500 to Morecambe Homeless Action, and spent £1,507.17 on a quarterly payment for a photocopier.

See The Visitor (17-01-12) for full story.