How many homes and businesses were flooded in your area?

Floods at Claughton in 2015.
Floods at Claughton in 2015.
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Figures have revealed the vast majority of properties flooded in our district in December 2015 were in Lancaster city centre with Halton second most affected.

A total of 332 properties in the city were flooded and 35 in Halton, including the army training camp and hydro power station.

Warton also suffered severe flooding with 27 properties hit. Slyne had 20 and Caton 14.

The stats were published in a Lancashire County Council report to mark 12 months since the floods.

The reports include information of what is being done by the authorities to prevent and protect against flooding in specific geographical areas. They will also provide information for concerned homeowners and businesses on what they can do to help protect their own properties form flooding in the future.

County Councillor Marcus Johnstone, cabinet member for environment, planning and cultural services, said: “The December 2015 floods were the worst not just in living memory, but in the history of Lancashire. They affected more than 200 communities and as well as causing distress and disruption to homeowners and businesses, they also damaged critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and electricity supply.

“The agencies responsible for managing the risk of flooding have been working very hard together to understand how each individual flooding incident happened and to take action to manage or reduce the risk of it happening again.”

Number of flooded properties in December 2015 by geographical area: Arkholme - 1; Ashton Golf Centre - 1; Borwick - 2; Carnforth High School -1; Crag Bank Road, Carnforth -1; Millhead area, Carnforth - 1; Scotland Road, Carnforth - 1; Caton - 14; Claughton - 1; Farleton - 1; Galgate - 3; Gressingham - 1; Halton - 33; Hydro Power Station, Halton - 1; Training camp, Halton - 1; Heysham - 1; Hornby Bridge area, Hornby - 7; Melling Road, Hornby - 1; Lancaster city centre - 332; Freehold, Lancaster - 1; Lune Road, Lancaster - 3; Marsh, Lancaster - 1; Moorlands, Lancaster - 2; Thurnham Street area, Lancaster - 1; Willow Lane area, Lancaster - 8; Melling - 1; Bare Avenue, Morecambe - 1; Buckingham Road area, Morecambe - 1; Euston Road area, Morecambe - 1; Marine Road East area, Morecambe - 1; Priest Hutton - 1; Riverside Industrial Park - 8; Quernmore - 1; Slyne - 20; Church Lane area, Tunstall - 7; Mill Lane area, Tunstall - 3; Gardner Road area, Warton - 18; Tarnwater Industrial Estate, Warton - 8; Twin Lakes area, Warton - 1; Wray - 3

The reports will be published every three months at