Hot tip keeps flushes at bay

THIS week I am carrying on my series of success stories by looking at a new product we have been using for hot flushes associated with menopausal symptoms.

This week’s success story is not really down to me though, but down to a lady ordering an unusual product and a member of my team being curious enough to try it for herself.

Anyone who has ever suffered from hot flushes will know and can explain how horrible and life-affecting they are.

They are something over which you have no control – they occur seemingly whenever they feel like it, causing women to peel off layers or throw off bed clothes to cool down and then having to re-cover themselves when things are back to normal.

For many women this is the main part of what is uncomfortable about their menopause – they are not worried about anything else, they just want the hot flushes to stop then they can start to feel normal again.

As hot flushes often strike at night sleep can be disturbed leaving a woman feeling drained and tired.

Now for years we have sold products like sage which has a fantastic reputation for helping with hot flushes, but unfortunately it does not help everyone.

So when a lady called in and asked to order some alfalfa tablets because she wanted to take them to combat hot flushes, we were very interested to see the results.

We had never used alfalfa for this problem – indeed the people that make the alfalfa supplements do not sell them to combat hot flushes – but this is what the customer had been told by a friend to try and was determined to do so.

Imagine our surprise when she came back a month later to get some more tablets – the product had worked a treat she said, where nothing else had touched the flushes.

See The Visitor (25-05-11) for full story.