Home movers count cost of new bin fees

Recycling bins.
Recycling bins.

People moving house may have to pay for new waste bins and recycling boxes.

The new charges have been mooted to help Lancaster City Council cut the cost of buying replacement bins and boxes after they are lost, stolen or broken.

The council estimated it would spend £153,000 this year on replacement bins and boxes.

If the plans get the green light, householders would have to pay £18 per bin and £4.80 per box (including VAT) if they are missing when they move into a new home.

This would mean a total cost of £50.40 for the two bins and three boxes used by most homes in the district.

The council also appealed for householders to leave their bins and boxes behind when they move house, reminding residents that the bins are council property.

Coun David Smith, Cabinet member for Environmental Services, said: “We need to reduce these costs or it will start to have an impact on other council services.

“We’ve already decided not to bring in a general charge for all households who may require a replacement bin or box, but there’s a real issue with people taking them when they move home.

“The cost to the council of people taking their bins and boxes with them has an impact not just on the next occupant but also the council – and everyone who pays council tax as well.”

In the case of new housing developments, in many cases the developer makes a deal with the council so the homeowner doesn’t have to pay the charge.

Lancaster City Council cabinet will meet for talks on its new policies for waste and recycling collection at Morecambe Town Hall on July 29.