Home Alone star deep panned by Morecambe band

Macaulay Culkin.
Macaulay Culkin.
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This is the curious tale of Macaulay Culkin, pizza and resort band The Heartbreaks.

The Morecambe boys had a playful dig at the Home Alone star after he was booed off stage at a gig.

The Heartbreaks were on the same bill as Culkin at a Nottingham festival where his comedy covers band The Pizza Underground walked off after being pelted with beer cans just three songs into their set.

Culkin, 33, and his group, who give out pizza slices to fans and whose percussionist plays an empty pizza box, have since cut short their European tour, blaming a “cheesemergency”.

The Heartbreaks tweeted: “Last day of being billed below a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band.”

Later, referring to Culkin, they tweeted: “We gave him a pizza our mind.”

The Heartbreaks’ new album We May Yet Stand A Chance is out now.