Heysham will be an award- winning village

Heysham in Bloom is being resurrected to get the village back to its former glory.

Wednesday, 27th July 2016, 9:30 am
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The village, gold medal winner in 2005 for the whole of the UK and winner of Gold medal and Best Small Village in the North West at least 12 times up to 2013, is desperately in need of some TLC, says one resident.

Angela Sykes, who was born in the village, was chairman of Heysham in Bloom from 2010.

She said: “There are some priorities we want to deal with - we still want to do North West in Bloom. We want to replace the bus shelter which at the moment is constantly vandalised. Web have just been able to get a defibrillator for the village as well.

“This is something long term with no easy fix, which will also take a lot of hard work and will affect both visitors and residents alike .”

A meeting was held last week in Heysham village to put together a solution to help get the village back to how it was a couple of years ago.

Angela said: “It was a really positive meeting , we had 15 people who came and there are another 10 people who are involved with raising money by holding jumble sales and coffee mornings.

“We can use the village hall and the institute and if we start now we can get on track for next year.

“Its been three years and we need to get it back again.

“It’s not just flowers, its not an elitist thing. People are looking for an industrial burner to destroy all the weeds and have been taking pictures of grotty places. People are taking ownership of the areas that they want to do. We are going for North West in Bloom next year and even if we don’t win, people see we are doing things.

“We need everybody’s help but the priority is the bus shelter and the defibrillator. People are starting to work together already.”

Contact Angela on 07486 026529 for more information on how you can help improve Heysham village.