Heysham village pub music rumpus

The Royal Hotel in Heysham village.
The Royal Hotel in Heysham village.

A right Royal row has broken out over late-night music being played outside a Heysham village pub.

Residents are complaining after the Royal Hotel applied to play music outdoors until 11pm.

Owners Mitchell’s Brewery want to vary the terms of the pub’s licence so they can play music in the beer garden and put a temporary bar outside any time between the hours of noon and 11pm.

But Barbara Langridge, a village resident, said: “We do not wish to have any more music added to the amount of music that we have no choice but to hear in our homes and gardens now.

“The village is meant as a oasis in this world of noise and commercialism - the residents of this village have the right to have their views respected.”

In a letter to Lancaster City Council, resident Angela Sykes wrote: “I am totally against this proposal.

“The majority of visitors who come to the village do not come to listen to music and drink, they come to look around, have a coffee and visit the church or the heritage centre.

“There are numerous pubs and clubs in Morecambe or Lancaster that provide music and drink for 12 hours continuously but there is only one Heysham village. Please do not let it be spoilt.”

Martin Brownjohn from Lancaster City Council wrote back saying the outdoor music would be background recorded music only, with no dancing or disco events permitted, and the volume would be inaudible to residents.

“People have got the wrong end of the stick,” said Jamie Brown, landlord of the Royal.

“We won’t be having a live band outdoors every weekend, it’s just if it’s a nice day and we want to put a barbecue on.”