Heysham gran’s angel statue insect shock

Marion with the statue and insect.
Marion with the statue and insect.
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A Heysham grandmother had the shock of her life when a strange insect ate its way out of an angel statue displayed in her home.

Marion Nolan bought the statue at Viva Interiors in Lancaster in February 2015.It had been displayed on a dresser in her dining room at her house in Hillmount Avenue, Heysham, ever since.

The statue base and insect.

The statue base and insect.

She said: “We’d been driving past and I saw the statue in the shop window and really liked it, I remember it was Valentine’s Day.

“When I went past later it wasn’t there but i went in and asked and luckily they still had it out the back.

“About 12 months ago I noticed there was what looked like some woodworm holes on the base, but i thought nothing of it and just cleared the dust away.

“But then about six months ago we were sitting at the table and we could hear a little tapping noise – we thought it must be the pipes.

The insect making its way out of the statue base.

The insect making its way out of the statue base.

“Then a couple of weeks ago there was a little pile of what I thought was sawdust next to the statue.

“The tapping went on for a few weeks but was very intermittent, and then it seemed to stop.

“Then last week I suddenly spotted this little creature was sticking out of a hole in the base.

“It had been quiet for a few days before and then suddenly this insect was there.

“We don’t know what it is or how it got there but it had obviously been living inside the base for quite some time before it managed to eat its way out.”

Marion, 74, believes the statue may have come from Indonesia. It is not known what the base was made of, but was not wood as Marion had originally thought.