Heysham dog walkers barking mad over bollards

Residents of a Heysham street are up in arms about a barrier which sprung up overnight on a school field blocking '¨access for dog walkers and the public.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 2:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 3:45 pm
Bollards and a barrier have been put up at a field at the end of Lordsome Road which dog walkers use.

The metal bar across bollards simply appeared without warning at a field at the end of Lordsome Road and angry residents are demanding an explanation.

The headteacher of Heysham High School said it was to deter quad bike and motorbike riders from causing a nuisance on the school field.

But a resident who did not wish to be named, said: “A group of us really don’t understand why this is happening.

“The amenities provided have been disrupted especially for people who are disabled.

“We are a bunch of local community people objecting to this as we have enjoyed this facility walking our family children and exercising our pets daily.

“People are being put at risk whilst having to climb over the barrier trying to exercise their dogs and themselves.

“There has been an increase of kids on motorbikes and the odd car on the field but without notice the bollards went up and then a chain across the bollards.

“Some of the old people have a struggle getting over it and I’m sure it is a health and safety issue.

“The council used to cut the field regularly but now its gone to meadow and we’ve suddenly not been wanted on that field.

“It seems a bit cruel and unfair we can’t exercise our dogs on there.

“The worry is that the land will be developed and be used for houses.

“If it’s going to be developed it’s a shame.”

Another resident of Lordsome Road said she had tried to find out why the barrier had been put up and had contacted the council planning department but hadn’t had a response.

The resident said: “There have been scrambling bikes on the land so maybe if someone has complained, that is why the field is cordoned off.

“There was a chain across the bollards but that has been cut and now there is a metal bar across the bollards to stop people gaining access.

Another resident said he was worried that the land was going to be built on and that was why the barrier had been installed.

Police said they were called to Lordsome Road at 1.05am on August 14 to reports of someone committing criminal damage by cutting through a bar on a gate stopping bikes getting onto the playing fields.

Police spoke to the man who had cut the barrier and it was subsequently repaired.

John Shannon, headteacher at Heysham High School, said: “We put the barrier in place to address an ongoing problem with trespassers riding quad bikes and motorbikes on part of the school playing field at weekends and evenings.

“We were concerned about any possible accidents and the disturbance that this activity was causing for our neighbours. We will keep the situation under review.”