Heysham crabbing pool resurfaces from sands of time

Jaden and Kieron Davies go crab fishing in the re-emerged Sandylands pool.
Jaden and Kieron Davies go crab fishing in the re-emerged Sandylands pool.
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A popular crabbing pool has re-emerged on Heysham beach but its return may only be temporary.

Shifting sands unearthed Sandylands pool for the first time in many years allowing children to follow in the footsteps of generations of ‘crabbers’.

The pool was popular as a paddling, boating and crabbing pool from the 1930s until it was ‘left to nature’ by Lancaster City Council 10 years ago.

It filled up with muddy sand over the years but has recently re-appeared above the surface. But Lancaster City Council said it would require regular dredging to maintain it as a pool and they have no plans to do so.

“The channels of Morecambe Bay move around and the beach levels vary slightly,” said Adrian Morphet, coastal projects engineer for Lancaster City Council.

“The channels are moving towards the front. The sand level on Sandylands front has gone down by a foot.

“Once the concreate appears there will be rock pool-type effects for crabbing.

“It won’t get very deep. But as its depth is unknown, people should not jump into it.

“It might well get slightly bigger or it might disappear. But the council has no plans to intervene.”

Ivan Rutter, who lives nearby, took his great grandchildren Jaden and Kieron crabbing in the re-emerged pool.

“I first saw the pool re-emerge about two months ago and we thought it was a fluke,” said Mr Rutter.

“As time as gone on it’s re-emerged more and more. It’s been like going back 20 years.

“It would be nice if the council cleaned it out.”

In 2013, Morecambe Town Council asked for the public’s views on restoring the pool.

Funding was put aside for a feasibility study but the project was later abandoned.

The only crabbing pool Lancaster City Council currently maintains is on the Promenade at Bare.