Heysham care worker's car fire horror

A care worker and her family had a lucky escape after vandals set fire to her car outside her Heysham home.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 7:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 9:23 am

Emily-Hope Williams watched in horror as her silver Vauxhall Corsa went up in flames.

Emergency services got to the melting car just in time as they battled to stop it exploding on Rylstone Drive.

The 22-year-old woke up to two loud bangs and flashing lights in the early hours of Thursday morning (April 21) .

Emily-Hope Williams

Emily said: “I didn’t know what was going on, I heard the bangs which were my tyres popping and came outside and realised it was my car and broke down.

“My five-year-old niece was in the front room sleeping. The car could have exploded because it had half a tank of petrol. If the fire crews hadn’t got there in time it could have been a lot worse.”

Emily, who lives with her parents on Rylstone Drive, discovered two men on CCTV torching the car before running off towards Oxcliffe Road. Other fires were also reported on the night within the area.

It took ages to save for the car which was used mainly for work and Emily had only had it a couple of months before vandals torched the front of it. But the care worker said she will “not let the scumbags get her down”.

Emily-Hope Williams

She said: “My car was my baby and I am still pretty devastated but I suppose it is only a bit of metal. They could have set fire to my house. It was lucky nobody was inside but I have no idea why someone would do something like this. I just want to know why?”

Family have been taking Emily to work until she gets a new car. Emily would like to thank Lancashire Fire and Rescue and others for their support.

Police were called to Rylstone Drive in Heysham at around 12.50am on Thursday April 21. Two males approached the vehicle, set fire to it using an aerosol torch and were then seen running off in the direction of Tibicar Drive West and Oxcliffe Road in Heysham. The car was parked just on the road outside Emily’s driveway for most of Wednesday day and night. Anyone who may have any information to assist the police then please quote crime reference number 0047 on 101 or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Emily has shared pictures on social media which have been shared across Facebook to hundreds of users. Several residents have sent their regards.