Help protect your woodland

Woodland at Bolam Lake
Woodland at Bolam Lake
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A brand new project designed to get more people involved in their local woodlands and orchards has been launched by the Lancashire Woodlands Project (LWP).

The North Lancashire Community Forestry Project is part of the LWP and will help people look after trees, woodlands and orchards and to plant new ones.

It will also work with new and existing community groups to build a lasting base of skills and knowledge about woodlands in the area. The area of woodlands and orchards has dramatically reduced in the past fewdecades and although the decline has been halted much needs to be done to restore undermanaged woods and orchards .

Project officer Paul Bullimore said: “This new project is a great opportunity for woodland owners to look after their woodlands better.”

Call the North Lancashire Community Forestry Project Officer on 07884 657844.