Help for nasty skin condition

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A FEW months ago a gentleman asked if we had anything that might help his psoriasis.

He had been suffering with it for a number of years and felt that nothing he had been using was helping. Indeed, it seemed to be getting worse.

At this point the man had psoriasis on his hands, elbows and the top of his head. His complexion was also quite red and uncomfortable looking.

Psoriasis is a nasty skin condition which affects a number of people. It involves inflammation and over production of skin cells, leading to a scaly, inflamed look to the skin.

There are a number of different causes and therefore there can be lots of different things to help, but one of my favourites is to look at the health of the liver.

This tends to be what I do first in most instances with adult onset psoriasis, as this is what naturopathic medicine indicates can be a real issue with psoriasis sufferers, so that is the route I took with this gentleman.

To start with I suggested two things. One, a bottle of Vogel’s Milk Thistle Liquid.

Milk thistle has been used by herbalists for generations to support and improve liver health. Some research studies show that it can actually help to stimulate the production of new liver cells.

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