Heartbreaks film new video

THE view from Morecambe promenade is stunning for a late afternoon in early March. Boats moored on the shore are caught between a blissful horizon of piercing blue sky and golden sands.

This could easily be the scene from a picture postcard – only with a shiny red drum kit plonked in the middle.

The Heartbreaks during filming for a video for the sigle 'Delay Delay' on Morecambe beach.

The Heartbreaks during filming for a video for the sigle 'Delay Delay' on Morecambe beach.

The Heartbreaks couldn’t have picked a better day to film their new video, nor a more glorious backdrop.

Friday’s unusual sight of a rock band playing live on Morecambe beach is definitely causing a stir with passers-by.

The town’s great pop music hopes, fresh from a bleary-eyed night at the NME Awards in London, are back home to shoot footage for their next single Delay Delay – and the proud Morecambe boys want to show off their seaside home at its most beautiful.

“Plus it’s cheaper than going to Marbella,” quips front man Matthew Whitehouse.

It’s never easy to tell when the deadpan Whitehouse is joking. But self-deprecating Matthew does get serious when asked about this crucial point in The Heartbreaks’ fledgling career.

The band’s debut album Funtimes is out on May 7. Delay Delay precedes Funtimes on April 30. An 11-date UK tour taking in Manchester, Leeds, London, Birmingham and Glasgow runs from May 5 to 19.

Hopes are high. The album sounds phenomenal, crammed with singalong anthems like Hand on Heart, Remorseful and Polly. But will the public love The Heartbreaks enough to propel Funtimes into the charts?

“This is the first time we’ve ever released anything on a high profile,” says Whitehouse.

“Our drummer Joe (Kondras) says all this band needs is for people to hear us.

“We have such great songs. Delay Delay is really catchy.”

The song has already gained national radio airplay. BBC6 Music’s Steve Lamacq played it recently.

And the lads’ night out at the NMEs last Wednesday will have done their profile no harm. The Heartbreaks love to party and although Matt “can’t remember anything” about it, Kondras does recall chatting to Jarvis Cocker about his holidays in Morecambe as a youth.

Young Nottingham actor Adam Foreman, who stars in the Delay Delay video, is also a Heartbreaks fan.

“They’ve got a great sound and a good image,” says Adam. “I like the way they represent their town. And they’re really cool.”

Whitehouse has high hopes for the video, admitting he didn’t like the one for their last single Jealous Don’t You Know.

“It was too epic and not funny enough,” he says. “Although the song did get to number one...in Cyprus.”

Breaking off from his latest gag, Matthew is stopped for a photo with a passer-by. She has spied the clamour on the seafront and wonders what’s going on.

“We’re a band called The Heartbreaks and we’re filming our video,” explains Matt.

“Ooh, I’ve never heard of you. Are you going to be famous?” she asks excitedly.

Well, that is the question. When Funtimes hits the shops, we may well find out the answer.