Pharmacy health advice

Victoria Pharmacy stock. Picture by FRANK REID
Victoria Pharmacy stock. Picture by FRANK REID
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People in Lancashire and South Cumbria are being encouraged to discover their local pharmacy and to use their health experts on the high street this winter for advice and help on minor illnesses.

This is the message behind Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2017 from November6-13.

Thorrun Govind is an independent pharmacist in Garstang and Lancaster and is the resident BBC Radio Lancashire pharmacist.

Thorrun said, “Pharmacists are highly qualified health care professionals who train for five years to become experts in medicines and who are well place to give health and wellbeing advice.

“This year over the airwaves we’ve covered health checks, mental health, cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation, weight loss, hayfever, pain, flu vaccines, the wealth of advice available at your local pharmacy and so much more. It’s been brilliant to have the opportunity to share just a snapshot of what pharmacists do every day.”

“Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2017 is all about making the public more aware of what healthcare advice and support is available to them.”