New interactive bed panels record patient information

Sally Young, Matron for Quality at the Trust, with the new interactive patient ID panel.
Sally Young, Matron for Quality at the Trust, with the new interactive patient ID panel.
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New interactive patient ID bed panels have been introduced at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Furness General Hospital and Westmorland General Hospital.

The ID panels will include a patients preferred name; the name of their nurse and consultant and magnets to identify key information to clinical staff about a patients care plans or any special dietary requirements or communication needs they may have.

The new ID panels also fully embraced the ‘Hello my name is’ campaign which was created by Dr Kate Granger, a young terminally ill hospital consultant from Yorkshire to remind staff to go back to basics and introduce themselves to patients properly.

The ID panels are wipe clean and also come with a set of nationally recognised icons such as a butterfly icon to indicate dementia or a maple leaf which indicates end of life care.

Previously across the Trust there was no standard way of recording patient information with some wards using clip boards at the end of a patient’s bed and others recording patient’s details on wipe clean boards above a patient’s bed.

Sally Young, Matron for Quality at the Trust said: “Following recommendations from the Frances Report and feedback from Healthwatch Lancashire, access to high quality patient information at the bedside, was a key priority to improve the patient experience and enable all our patients to have the same standard of information to support their stay at one of our hospitals”.

“As patients are involved in their care, we are encouraging them to update the information on their ID panels daily as their individual care needs change.

“This will enhance engagement between staff and patients and help improve communication

and also see a reduction in harm”.

Sue Smith, Executive Chief Nurse said: “Ensuring we take a standardised approach to recording key information about a patient - making sure we capture all the important information relating to their care and displaying this information in a visible way which remains sensitive to a patient’s privacy and dignity is a priority to

the Trust.”