Miracle baby celebrates first Christmas at home

Iain and Jannine Rowan with Poppy who is enjoying her first Christmas at home after been born 13 weeks premature last year.
Iain and Jannine Rowan with Poppy who is enjoying her first Christmas at home after been born 13 weeks premature last year.
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A baby born weighing less than a bag of sugar is celebrating her first Christmas at home.

Tiny Poppy Rowan was born so early that all of her organs could be seen through her skin and she had to spend weeks in intensive care recovering.

At times Poppy was extremely ill but proud parents Jannine and Iain are set to spoil her rotten over the festive period.

Mum Jannine of Westminster Road, Morecambe, said: “Last Christmas was spent in hospital so this year we’ll make it extra special.

“I can’t wait for Christmas, she will be spoilt but she deserves it.”

Jannine fell pregnant in May 2011 but at the 20 week scan it was apparent the fluid was quite low and the baby was small.

Jannine said: “I saw the consultant every week at the hospital and had my 28 week scan.

“On November 24, 2011, I was a bit poorly, quite tired and sick.

“I went to see the doctor to tell him how I was feeling. My blood pressure was very high and I was taken to the labour ward.

“I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and had her that night. I had to have an emergency caesarian section. It was awful.

“I saw the consultant paediatrician and knew she could be very small. She actually weighed 900 grammes, less than a bag of sugar.

Her head was a size of a tennis ball


“You could see everything inside her. I was just in shock.

“After birth she went even smaller.

“You feel robbed because its your first baby and you’re looking forward to it.”

Poppy was in intensive care and wasn’t able to breathe on her own for three days.

Jannine said: “I went to see her every day at 8am and it was a bit of a strain. You are kind of thrown in.

“I couldn’t believe it happened to me, you never expect something like that to happen.

“There were a few times when she was quite poorly and we were extremely worried about her but she kept hanging on.”

Poppy was taken off the ventilator and had a mask over her nose and mouth to help her breathe.

She was in hospital for 13 weeks and came home on February 19 this year, just past her due date.

Even after coming home, Poppy still has to have numerous health check-ups to keep an eye on her development, nutrition and health problems.

Jannine said: “She has a hole in her heart but doctors hope it will heal over time.

“She sees a dietitian every two months and they give me advice on weaning and food.

“She was one on November 24 but she can’t sit up yet on her own. She is really classed as being nine months old.

“She now says ‘Dada’. She is quite susceptible to catching things so I try and keep her away from sick people.”

Jannine and her husband Iain want to thank all the staff and doctors at the special care baby unit at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Jannine said: “The doctors there are fantastic. On the neonatal ward they are like miracle workers, the nurses are always there day in and day out.

“We just want to say a big thanks to the doctors and nurses who took such good care of her on the Special Care Baby Unit.

“Poppy was very poorly after birth and suffered many set backs, but she is doing fantastically now!”