Grieving dad’s charity tribute to daughter

Megan Naylor with her dad Carl.
Megan Naylor with her dad Carl.
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It was a somersault in the womb that changed her family’s life forever.

Little Megan Naylor’s umbilical cord knotted around itself, cutting off the blood and oxygen supply as she was delivered.

Megan was left with cerebral palsy and constant chest problems.

Tragically, Megan died last year at the age of six, and her dad Carl has now set up a charity in memory of his daughter.

Megan’s Wish aims to raise money for the children’s ward at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, as well as for Bleasdale School, which Megan attended.

Megan, who would have been seven tomorrow, November 5, died two days before Christmas last year after contracting pneumonia.

She had struggled with several conditions throughout her life.

Carl, 37, said he and Megan’s mum Sarah Cocker had no idea there was anything wrong throughout the pregnancy.

He said: “It was a normal pregnancy as far as we were concerned.

“But Megan had done a somersault inside Sarah at some point after the 20 week scan, and had looped through her umbilical cord, leaving it with a loose knot in itself.

“She was a day overdue but everything was going fine, and then with the last couple of pushes the knot on the cord tightened and cut everything off.

“The doctors were trying to get her out as quickly as possible, and they ran off with her as soon as the cord was cut.

“It was hours before we got to see her.”

Megan’s heart had stopped for seven minutes, and it was 14 minutes before she took a breath on her own.

The lack of oxygen to the brain meant Megan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She also had epilepsy and needed oxygen to help her breathing, and was profoundly deaf.

It was also discovered that Megan couldn’t swallow, which made her vulnerable to chest infections and reflux.

Megan spent the first 77 days of her life in the neo-natal unit at the RLI.

Carl said: “She was in hospital for half her life, always with chest related problems.”

The self-employed web designer added: “About six months ago I came up with the idea of the charity.

“I had a breakdown after everything that had happened, and someone said to me that I should think of Megan because she was always smiling.

“It’s not nice for the children in hospital to be away from home, so it’s just to keep them smiling with simple things like having an Xbox to play on.

“I also want to get toys for the playroom for their siblings and things to make it a bit easier for the parents who spend a lot of time there.

“I just want to cheer the place up.”

A fancy dress sponsored walk has already taken place, and Megan’s Wish has £900 to its name.

However, to gain official charitable status Carl must raise £5,000.

Events in the pipeline for next year include another walk, a fun day and a charity single.

Carl also hopes to undertake a 370 mile bike ride from his home town of Southampton, stopping off at all the 
hospitals which treated Megan – in Southampton, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and finishing at the RLI.

To find out more about Megan’s Wish or to donate, go to