Greek and Cypriot nurses to work on hospital wards

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Nurses from Greece and Cyprus will soon be working in wards across hospitals in Morecambe Bay.

A successful international recruitment campaign by the local hospitals trust has led to 26 qualified nurses accepting jobs while the Trust announced it will invest more than £750,000 to recruit a further 34 nurses.

Earlier this month, a team from the Trust travelled to Cyprus and Greece to interview a pool of qualified nurse candidates.

The campaign aimed to find 40 high-quality nurses and from 29 offers, 26 nurses have now formally accepted jobs.

Joann Morse, Deputy Chief Nurse, said: “This isn’t the end of the journey for us. It is vitally important that we get our staffing levels right so we will be continuing to proactively recruit more nurses, both locally and internationally.

“We continue to advertise and hold recruitment days at our hospitals, and are also looking at travelling to Croatia to recruit registered theatre nurses.”