Flush away your bowel problems

LAST week we had a look at ways to help bloating and wind. This week, as we continue to explore natural ways of dealing with and controlling irritable bowel, I am going to look at another common symptom – constipation.

We all mostly eat three times a day, therefore we should be eliminating the waste from that food at least once every day. Failure to do this easily and comfortably is constipation.

Constipation can cause irritation to the bowel, discomfort and pain especially in the right side, bloating and spasm.

Dealing with constipation is the key part of dealing with irritable bowel symptoms. Simply dealing with the pain or spasm will not address the cause of the problems.

Constipation can have a few main causes – low water, low fibre, low levels of good bacteria or low magnesium.

Low water intake is easy to deal with – drink more water. This is important. A hard, dry stool will be uncomfortable to move out of the bowel.

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