Fibre is key to a healthy stomach

OVER the last few weeks we have been having a look at natural ways to take control of irritable bowel syndrome.

This week I am going to have a look at ways to help take control of a very uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing problem related to IBS - diarrhoea.

Like many problems with the bowel, diarrhoea can have various causes and different accompanying symptoms.

Some of the main causes include low fibre diets, inflammation in the bowel, chronic constipation and high levels of bad bacteria.

People do not realise that a low fibre diet is linked to diarrhoea, thinking that fibre is to make you go to the toilet and should be avoided at all costs by people with a loose bowel.

However, this is not always the case.

Fibre is really important to provide form to your bowel movement.

People who suffer with diarrhoea with no pain or tenderness should try a fibre supplement like Maxicol to provide form and slow down their bowel movement.

They should also make sure they get the right type of fibre in their diet, focussing on cooked vegetables, oats and brown rice but avoiding bran, raw vegetables and fruit.

See The Visitor (20-04-11) for full story.