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Residents are being urged to check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be affected by the weather over Christmas.

In Lancashire, over 500 people died because of winter-related illnesses last year.

There were also more than 45,500 emergency hospital admissions.

County Councillor Lorraine Beavers, lead member for health, said: “The weather has been milder than expected so far this year, but people should still look out for neighbours, friends and relatives who are disabled or elderly.

“It only takes a few minutes to call around to make sure someone is okay.

“By helping them to keep warm, picking up essentials like food or medicine to prevent them going out unnecessarily, or making sure they can safely get in and out of their home in icy conditions, you could really make a difference.

“By providing general advice, working closely with food banks and funding winter warmth projects, the county council will help people stay well and aim to reduce hospital admissions this winter.”

If the temperature does fall, you can also help neighbours by making sure that drives and pathways leading to their home are kept clear.