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Latest news.
Latest news.

North West Cancer Research (NWCR) has announced that it is to invest nearly £900,000 in new, world-class cancer research projects.

The charity funds research across three main areas: Basic, Translational and Preventative at the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Bangor.

This month, following a detailed submission process at NWCR’s Scientific Committee meeting, seven new projects have been awarded funding, totaling £872,321.

The funded projects were peer reviewed by external reviewers and then by members of the NWCR Scientific Committee which is comprised of leading professors, award-winning scientists and pioneering medical professionals.

The funded projects will focus on downstream elements of kinases and their roles in cancer, further understanding of signaling pathways in cancer biology and development of new strategies to combat cancer.

Another project is an extension of previously funded research which identifies patients at risk of gastric cancer.

Alternative treatments for leukemias are being investigated, as well as research into malignant melanoma - the most deadly of skin cancers.

The charity also agreed to fund its first small clinical trial which will investigate chemotherapy treatment prior to surgery for patients with locally advanced bile duct cancer.

Anne Jackson, Chief Executive of NWCR said: “The standard of grant submissions was exceptionally high and our panel of leading scientists and medical practitioners faced a serious challenge selecting the strongest applications.

“We are delighted to be supporting seven pioneering research projects, including NWCR’s first clinical trial, based at the University of Liverpool. We look forward to receiving updates on the progress of these world-class projects.”

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